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GESOLGEL ® Products

Gellan solutions provides many kinds of gellan gum ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and industry

Gellan Solutions Ingredients ApplicationsGel FormAcyl LevelSolution Clarity
GESOLGEL® HA Food(Protein drink, Juice)Soft,ElasticHighOpaque,Milky
GESOLGEL® LA Food(Beverage,Jellies)Firm,BrittleLowTransparent
GESOLGEL® AFG Air FreshenerFirm,BrittleLowTransparent
GESOLGEL® MTC Microbiological media and plant tissue cultureHard,BrittleLowTransparent

GESOLGEL Specialty Products

A range of specialty products for a variety of food formulation

Gellan Solutions Specialty Products Typical Applications
GESOLGEL® HAM Dairy milk beverages
GESOLGEL® HPS Neutral plant protein based beverages
GESOLGEL® HFS Fruit juices Pulp suspension
GESOLGEL® FS High transparent fruit pulp suspending beverage
GESOLGEL® WJ Multi-layer,heat resistance water jelly
GESOLGEL® FC Heat resistance confectionery
GESOLGEL® JIS Icings,frostings,piping jellies,low-and reduced-fat frostings,sweet roll icings,royal icings
GESOLGEL® JFF Non-standard jams and jellies,fruit fillings
GESOLGEL® BAK Bakery fillings,Yogurt fruit
GESOLGEL® MP Meat Products
GESOLGEL® PF Canned pet food
GESOLGEL® PC Personal Care products
GESOLGEL® EF Elderly Food Products

What is gellan?
Gellan gum (E418) is a bacterial exopolysaccharide, prepared commercially by aerobic submerged fermentation from Sphingomonas elodea (previously called Pseudomonas elodea), in a manner similar to xanthan. discovered in 1978,1988 Approved in Japan,1992 USA full approved.

Compared with other colloids, Gellan Gum has many peculiar advantages:
1. Low dosage;
2. Excellent thermal and acid stability;
3. Good taste-releasing ability;
4. High transparency;
5. Adjustable gel elasticity and rigidity;
6. Good combinability.

Gellan gum is widely used in foods and various other fields.
(1)Typical foods prepared using gellan gum: Gelled desserts, jam, jelly, pudding, confectionery, sugarcoating of confectionery, frost of cake, filling of cake or bread, and other foods, cakes, and pet foods.
(2)Other applications: Microbiological media, capsules, perfumes, etc.

Characteristic and efficacy of Gellan Gum

Characteristic Efficacy
1.Very Low dosage, form gel at 0.05-0.25% concentration Gellan gum is a very effective gelling agent
2.Excellent thermal stability and acid stability 1.Little effect to gel strength after heat sterilization
2.Its powder form allows longer term of use and long-term stability even under acid condition.
3.Sodium or potassium irons can form thermal reversible gel,while Magnesium or calcium irons form thermal un-reversible gels Can be made into thermal reversible and thermal un-reversible gels
4.Retains excellent flavor releasing ability Improve product quality
5.Good combination with other hydrocolloids Adjustable gel elasticity and rigidity
6.Good compatibility with other ingredients Can be widely used in many formulations
7.Can form gel between pH 3.5~7.0 Can form high quality gels and have good gel strength in acid to neutral food formulations.
8.Anti-aging function Prevent aging and viscosity raising of starch
9.Not easy lead to enzymolysis Enabling flexibility in the manufacturing process, very suitable for Microbiological media and plant media.

Main function and applications of Gellan Gum

Function Application
Adhesiveness Sugar frost,sugar coat
Paint filming ability Succade,candy
Emulsibility Salad cream
Film forming ability Synthetic casing
Foam stabilizer Beer
Gelling agent Jelly,stuffing,dessert,fruit jam
Anti-graining agent Frozen food,syrup
Stabilizer Ice cream,salad cream

Structure of two types of gellan gum

The molecular structure of gellan gum is a straight chain based on repeating glucose, rhamnose and glucuronic acid units. In its native, or high acyl form, two acyl substituents --- acetate and glycerate are present. Both substituents are located on the same glucose residue and, on average, there is one glycerate per repeat and one acetate per every two repeats. The high acyl form produces soft, elastic, non-brittle gels, whereas the low acyl form produces firm, non-elastic, brittle gels.

Structure of Native or High Acyl Gellan Gum

Structure of Low Acyl Gellan Gum

Comparison of Physical Properties of High Acyl and Low Acyl Gellan Gum

  High Acyl Gellan Gum Low Acyl Gellan Gum
Molecular weight 1~2×106 Daltons 2~3×105Daltons
Solubility Hot water above 70℃ Hot water above 80℃ or cold water with sequestrants
Sensitivity to cations Relatively insensitive to ions Very sensitive to ions, especially to divalent cations
such as calcium ions
Gelling conditions Just Cooling(do not need cations) Cations, acids or soluble solids
Set temperature 70~80℃ (158~176℉) 30~50℃ (86~122℉)
Thermoreversibility Thermo-reversible Heat stable if using divalent
Gel texture Soft and elastic gels Hard and brittle gels