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Agar is currently the gelling agent of choice for plant tissue culture. However, the presence of impurities or inhibitory factors (including sulfur) in agar can adversely affect growth. GESOLGEL®MTC offers a promising alternative to agar in this application because of its purity. The similarity between agar and gellan gum has led to the gellan as an alternative to agar for microbiological media. gellan gum can not only replace agar in many routine media applications, but can also give a higher degree of cell growth in certain situations.



Ease of Processing with GESOLGEL®MTC Media
• GESOLGEL®MTC disperses and hydrates easily in either hot or cold deionized water, forming viscous solutions in cold distilled water.
• In the presence of soluble salts, GESOLGEL®MTC can be used to provide high gel strength at low GESOLGEL®MTC concentrations (normally at approximately half the concentration required for agar).
• At high temperatures, the low viscosity of GESOLGEL®MTC solutions facilitates pipetting, pumping, and pouring upon cooling, GESOLGEL®MTC solutions gel quickly and uniformly.
• GESOLGEL®MTC is able to withstand normal autoclaving conditions.
• GESOLGEL®MTC is generally resistant to enzymatic degradation.
• GESOLGEL®MTC itself is chemically inert to most biological growth media additives (additive must be heated to just above GESOLGEL®MTC gel point before incorporation).

Quality of Microbiological Media Prepared with GESOLGEL®MTC
• GESOLGEL®MTC gels have proven to be a suitable growth matrix for a wide variety of microorganisms, including those traditionally cultured on agar plates as well as other species not easily grown on other substances.
• GESOLGEL®MTC gels are exceptionally clear, making them an excellent analytical tool.
• GESOLGEL®MTC gels have essentially the same shelf life as agar gels.

Table 1. Recommend dosage for part of mediums

(Applications ) (Dosage)
MS Medium ,1962  0.25%~0.5%
B5 Medium 0.35%~0.5%
N6 Medium 0.25%~0.5%
Nitch Medium 0.25%~0.5%
White Medium 0.2%~0.3%
MT Medium 0.25%~0.5%
Nutrient Broth Gels 0.3% + 0.1%Mg2SO4﹒7H2O
Eosin Methylene Blue Gels 0.5% + 0.1%Mg2SO4﹒7H2O

Advantages of GESOLGEL®MTC Compared to Agar
• GESOLGEL® MTC may be used at approximately half the use level of agar
• GESOLGEL®MTC, produced by a tightly-controlled fermentation process, has consistent product quality.  GESOLGEL®MTC is unaffected by the vagaries of natural conditions which affect the basic properties of agar.
• GESOLGEL®MTC gels are remarkably clear in comparison to those formed with agar.
• Gels prepared with GESOLGEL®MTC set faster than those made with agar. In microbiological applications this reduces plate preparation time.
• Gels prepared with GESOLGEL®MTC are stable at high temperatures. In microbiological media, this supports incubation required by thermophilic microorganisms.
• GESOLGEL®MTC contains no contaminating matters (e.g., phenolic compounds) as those found in agar that are toxic to certain sensitive organisms.

The comparison of GESOLGEL®MTC and agar agar

Figure 1. MS Medium Figure 2. B5 Medium
Figure 3. N6 Medium Figure 4. White Medium