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Gellan gum is a high molecular extracellular microbial polysaccharide produced by strict aseptic fermentation of a pure culture of Sphingomonas elodea. GESOLGEL PC is a kind of low or high acyl gellan gum with medium gel strength and high transmittance. In personal care products, such as sunscreens, lotions, and mild hair conditioners, gellan gum has been used as a structuring rather than gelling agent, providing body, stability, and pleasing skin feel. In some cases, performance is further improved by the inclusion of xanthan gum or xanthan / locust bean gum.


GESOLGEL PC typical recommended amount of PC in personal care products is 0.03-0.12%. PC have good compatibility with other colloids, mineral salt to obtain products with different texture and other functions.

In cosmetic applications gellan gum is frequently used as a structuring as well as a gelling agent, providing body, stability and pleasing skin feel.
Gellan gum can provide effective stability and suspension of shampoo and conditioner formulas. It is ideally suited to products requiring a pseudoplastic (shear thinning) rheology. In creams and lotions, the high yield value of gellan gum fluid gels effectively stabilize these emulsions and imparts a ‘light and silky’ feel when rubbed on the skin. Gellan gum also keeps emulsions stable during temperature fluctuations, for consistent quality in transit, as well as on the shelf.
In suntans and sunscreens, gellan gum stabilizes the oil phase and delivers the important ingredients to the skin in a uniform manner. Gellan gum offers excellent stability over the wide range of temperatures that these products experience.
In toothpaste formulations gellan gum is beneficial both for its binding properties and its reversible, non-stringy, true-gel structure. It provides excellent flavour release, so significant reductions of flavour and sweetener levels are possible. At typical use levels, gellan gum contributes very little viscosity during toothpaste preparation allowing the design of fluid formulations that subsequently form a gel after packaging. This low viscosity performance makes manufacturing and packaging easier and allows the incorporation of fragile ingredients such as encapsulated flavors that would not normally be possible with typical binder systems. Blends of low and high acyl gellan gum can produce toothpastes with a variety of binding, stand-up and preparation viscosity.