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GESOLGEL® HPS -- is a kind of standardized high acyl gellan and specialized for use in stabilizing acid or neutral plant protein based beverage.


Good suspension power
High setting point
Low protein reactive
Low calcium reactive
Acid stable

Good suspension power
High setting point
Low protein reactive
Low calcium reactive
Acid stable

Excellent stabilizing for plant protein in beverage  
Minimal contribution to mouth-feel viscosity  
Compatible with a wide variety of plant protein
Results in products with excellent shelf life stability
Compatible with equipment typically used in plant protein beverage processing 

The typical application: 
Plant protein based beverage ( pH 3.2 to neutral )
The dosage is usually 0.10~0.15%.

GESOGEL® HPS can be dispersible readily into plant protein beverage systems using common mixing devices. The product can be activated by heat treatments such as HTST, UHT, pasteurization and retort procession.

The dissolution of the product depends on the medium and the process: it is improved by heat treatment (time, temperature), shear stress (stirrer, homogenizer). A complete dissolution can be rapidly obtained at around 85-90℃ for 20-30min.

Gellan Gum(E-418) CAS: 71010-52-1
For use as a stabilizer and thickener  

This product conforms to many legislative standards. However, we recommend that the user ensures that this product is in compliance with the local regulations in force, particularly in the country where the product is to be consumed.

Quality Assurnce:
Approved by Kosher and Halal certificate

Packaging, storage and shelf life
The product is packed in 25Kg/Drum with double propylene bag inner or according to customer’s specific request. Store away from heat and moisture, preferably at a temperature below 25℃(77℉) and at about 65% relative humidity. The product, when stored in these conditions and in its original unopened packaging, will maintain its initial properties for at least 24 months.

Regulatory information:
The product comply with GB2760、GB25535-2010、FCC V and FAO/WHO.


Items Specification
Appearance White to off- white powder
Particle size ( Pass 60 mesh ) Not less than 98%
Suspension test
-- 0.12% in stimulated soy drink
Powder Color Not less than 70%
Loss on drying Not more than 15.0%
Residue of ethanol Not more than 750mg/kg
Lead Not more than 2mg/kg
Mercury Not more than 1mg/kg
Arsenic Not more than 2mg/kg
Cadmium Not more than 1mg/kg
Total bacterial Not more than 10,000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold Not more than 400cfu/g
E. Coli Negative (5g)
Salmonella Negative
S. aureus Negative (1.0g)
P. aeruginosa Negative (1.0g)